Starting rate: $26 – 35 per hour.



The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist is responsible for patient evaluation, treatment, and all phases of Psychiatric Rehabilitation documentation. The Therapist will function as a team member and will treat patients in groups and in one-on-one sessions for the purposes of reaching, restoring, reinforcing and enhancing functional skills. Demonstrates clinical competence in the provision of nursing care specific to adult patients and understands and utilizes the growth/development stages of adults


1. Completes initial assessments on all patients within 72 hours of admission.
2. Focuses on functional skill deficits in the physical, social, cultural, recreational, health maintenance and rehabilitation areas of patient needs.
3. Encourages patient participation in activity planning.
4. Participates as a member of the Multidisciplinary Treatment Team and contributes to the treatment team plan based on the patient’s goals and interventions.
5. Plans and implements a program of Psychiatric Rehabilitation activities to meet goals and interventions for each patient. This includes groups and one-on-one sessions as indicated.
6. Documents patient’s attendance after each therapy group.
7. Documents the progress of each patient, as it relates to his or her Multidisciplinary Treatment 8. Plan, on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Weekly Note.
8. Recognizes and demonstrates the ability for restraints following unsuccessful attempts of least restrictive alternative measures.
9. Completes a Discharge Summary of each patient.
10. Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Psychiatric Rehabilitation supplies, equipment, indoor clinic, and outdoor areas.
11. Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of group rooms on unit and reports concerns as needed.
12. Demonstrates the ability to maintain a safe environment and to use all supplies, tools and equipment as directed.
13. Responsible for maintenance of posters, inspirational and informational sayings displayed on units.
14. Is cost conscious in the use of equipment and materials.
15. Reports any improvement opportunities and/or department concerns to the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Manager and/or the Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
16. Attends departmental meetings, inservice meetings, and participates in the leading of inservices when requested.
17. Evaluates self-performance to identify learning needs and to obtain guidance for self-improvement.
18. Participates in staff development programs and additional educational opportunities in order to reinforce and enhance professional knowledge and skills and to demonstrate competency to handle emergencies.
19. Organizes regular “special events”, holiday celebrations, cookouts, etc.
20. Rotates unit assignment and/or Patient Activity Responsibilities as Directed by Supervisor.
21. Performs all treatments and procedures according to the Departmental and Administrative Policies and Procedures Manuals.
22. Completes other duties as assigned and delegated by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Manager and/or the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Director.


Eligible for certification or certification completed in identified field (Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Movement/Dance Therapy or Occupational Therapy). Must posses a current CPR card and AB508 certification with updates annually. One-year prior experience in working with mentally ill adult patients (Ages 18 and over) preferred. Must have the ability to work in a fast paced environment, effectively interacting with patients, physicians and hospital personnel. Must possess speed, consistency and accuracy in tasks, meeting precise tolerances and standards. Ability to demonstrate flexibility in work environment, performing a variety of changing tasks. Strong interpersonal skills sufficient to work closely with others on a team. Be able to sustain concentration and prolonged commitment to tasks. Display a high level of cognitive, interpretive or judgement skills. Ability to influence others plan, negotiate, direct, control or monitor others’ activities. Strong written and verbal communication skills must be able to express creativity through writing. Must be able to work alone effectively under stress in certain situations.


Must have a Bachelors degree in Therapeutic Recreation or related field. (i.e. Music, Art, Movement/Dance or Occupational Therapy).


The position requires pushing, pulling, and lifting materials not exceeding 15 pounds. Any workload exceeding 15 pounds will require assistance. Requires grasping, writing, standing, reaching, sitting, lifting, squatting, walking, repetitive motions, bending, climbing, listening and hearing ability and visual acuity. Talking and hearing occur continuously in the process of communicating with employees, physicians, visitors and patients. Must have the ability to hear warning horns or sirens. Vision occurs continuously with the most common visual functions being those of near and far visions. Requires manual and finger dexterity to use and operate all necessary equipment.


Work tasks are performed indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor temperature is moderate and controlled by the hospital’s environmental systems. There may be exposure to communicable diseases. There may be exposure to some potentially toxic substances, such as medication and cleaning agents. Frequent contact with employees, physicians, visitors and patients.

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