Meet Our Hospital Governing Body

Vicki Rollins

Vicki Rollins, R.N., Governing Chair

Vicki Rollins, R.N. – Governing Chair

William Nelson

William Nelson, C.E.O.

William Nelson, M.A. – Chief Executive Officer

Guadalupe Ojeda

Guadalupe Ojeda, C.N.O.

Guadalupe Ojeda, R.N. – Chief Nursing Officer

Cesar Palana

Cesar Palana, C.M.I.O.

Cesar Palana, M.D. – Chief Medical Information Officer

Jacob Flores

Jacob Flores, Chief of Staff

Jacob Flores, M.D. – Chief of Staff

Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres, Chief of Surgery

Gustavo Torres, M.D. – Chief of Surgery

Jeff Ahlholm

Jeff Ahlholm, C.S.O.

Jeff Ahlholm – Chief Strategic Officer